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Weekend of horror titles galore with East Coast Empire

We began playing various horror/survival arcade maps on Starcraft II. Some you should check out are Zombie City which I have on my official Twitch.tv/rygolgosan channel along with my YouTube channel. Please rate, comment and like or subscribe to my channel please in order for us to release more broadcasts and videos for you, the community. Another great arcade game regarding Starcraft II is the Slender Man inspired Haunted Forest which is up to 6 players and believe me it is scary as hell. I will be uploading those videos to YouTube sometime this week but you can check it out via the aforementioned Twitch.tv channel above.

On another note concerning the Steam marketplace all you horror gamers should check out, the currently alpha build game, Damned which is merely $10.00. It is a true survival horror game where you merely have a flashlight and your will to survive as you attempt to escape. Do keep in mind that it is an Alpha build so there will be elements within the game that may glitch or not operate properly. I have already discussed some bugs with the development team which I received a response today from concerning said bugs. The game is up to 5 players where 4 are the survivors and the fifth one is the monster. The monster can transform between spirit form and physical form in order to track down the survivors and murder them. As the game progress I will definitely keep you guys updated concerning fixes and additional content. For everything news related or dealing with broadcasts just check me out at Bambino’s Corner. Until then, HF & GL!

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