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Bambino is back!

Bambino, where have you been?


Oh where oh where have you been Bambino?

tldrTLDR Explanation

This is the question everyone may be wondering since my most reason podcast episode from previous months. Well it’s complicated. I, Bambino, wasn’t able to renew hosting for the site until recently due in part from the holidays. Never fear though as you can see the site is back and fully functioning! I also plan on releasing a road map for improvements or design changes for the site this 2018.

Will Bambino’s Corner still be gaming/gamer focused? Of course. That won’t change and I will make sure to keep the widest collection of StarCraft Raccoon City maps from panzer_kavalier available without fail. I do plan on expanding the site in terms of downloadable mods/maps/content along with favorite links for gamers and streamers alike. Which will benefit everyone as I’m sure some archived content might be another’s favorite that they can’t find.


Potential Road Map

Since the commencement of 2018 I’ve had an idea of changes I wanted to make for the site in order to make it more intuitive and natural flowing. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress sites are amazing but since I know how to make complete web applications now I will most likely make my own custom site from scratch. This of course will take time and energy which I want to have completed by Summer 2018. The reason for the build-from-scratch idea is because if I plan on hosting more gaming events I want to integrate events and stats into the site. That way event participants, readers and spectators can all collectively see the details of said event in one central location. Lord knows I hate having to use multiple apps just for one goal in mind. 

I know I have a VERY bad habit of posting content on here every so often. I plan on doing better this 2018 since most will notice I make a majority of posts via social media, such as Twitter, and the Discord server for the gaming community.

I will do better slowly but surely no worries 😉 until next time everyone!

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