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Where have I been? Setting goals for success!

Good evening all! Let me guide you on my road towards success!

Steps to Success

Success Bound

I know I haven’t been posting as I should be but it’s not for nothing I guarantee you! I was previously completing my wonderful Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree which I completed this month, success! By the way more details regarding a Nanodegree can be found at https://www.udacity.com. Now I’m in the process of applying for jobs in my area *fingers crossed*. Recently I have been ramping up the amount of jobs I apply to and search for weekly which will hopefully build a strong pipeline. I also need to take advantage of past contacts and my LinkedIn connections.

We all contemplate what the purpose of life is at times which is very understandable. I mean we’re humans aka mere mortals in this existence. We are born, live lives to our utmost liking and dreams then perish into the next realm of reality. We must keep in mind the laws of attraction and how it functions. We attract what we think of mostly such as success or things we desire in life. Remember be positive and strive for greatness.

Website Related News

In website related news I have been making some minor changes to the about and projects page. It’s a slow process as the WordPress theme doesn’t allow for too much in terms of changes CSS wise. I have tried some combinations of code that make the content look way out of place or display incorrectly. Also I wanted to mention that the Discord server has officially hit over 100 members, yay community! I may display some of the code in a post for opinions so we’ll see. I know I always say this but I will try to post more often. Especially since I have been working on updating my OS level file remover application I wrote in Python so many moons ago in 2009.

This will be all for tonight guys, until next time!

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